Interim management hard and soft skills, on time and within budget

Our business environment has changed drastically in the last two decades. 20 years ago there was hardly anyone able to predict the ways in which IT, globalization and the rise of private equity would change our working environment. These days everything is all about flexibility and speed. Therefore, management has to be flexible and fast. Sometimes this is just not feasible for you. You might be struggling with managers who are functioning at a mediocre level, but they are working under long term employment contracts. Or maybe you have some talented people whom you hope to give positions that will propel them to personal and business excellence. Maybe you are lacking some inspiration on your way to the next development level of your team or company. In that case, the interim manager ( is a perfect solution for you. Full professional, transparent, affordable and easy to oversee. The interim manager ( strives for real change from inside out, instead of looking for a short manipulative impulse from the outside. My long experience has taught me that people who are manipulated to change can easily revert to their old behaviors, while an honest desire to change leads to pure sustainability.