My way of working

I’m a warm hearted change manager also taking the underdogs into account. I prefer a quick and direct approach and I’m able to make a lot out of a little. In a short period of time I am able to clean up slow moving processes and aged organisational structures. I do this with dedication and perseverance.

I can see stagnation. By removing it and by implementing a simple structure I’m bringing back the flow. Doing this I don’t loose sight of the human being. By using coaching techniques I’m always in contact with both my team and the individual at the shop floor. Besides the economical optimisation I’m also striving for the self fulfilment of the employee. I can connect people with their talent. In the process of problem solving I’m looking at the “can”-s instead of the “can not”-s.
Preferably I work in an independent position by order of the CEO or of a member of the management team. A mandate is characterised by a clearly defined start- and end date.

After my assignment I leave enduring change. Processes are significantly more efficient, flexible and transparent. Means of production are improved. People are in a different job and talents match better with the job requirements. It’s like after a fresh wind has blown through.


Born 1966 in Germany
1983 Ship builder and welder
1994 Mechanical Engineer (Msc.) at Technical University Berlin
Since 1995 working and living in The Netherlands
1999 Training and Coaching at Pulsar Institute in The Netherlands
2003 Advanced Psychology at Pulsar Institute in The Netherlands